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Women’s Cut                            Starting at $75

Men’s Cut                                  Starting at $55

Children’s Cut                          Starting at $50

Bang Trim/Maintenance       Complimentary


Shampoo/Blowout                                    Starting at $45

Thermal Styling: flat or curling iron     Starting at $50

Up-dos                                                         Starting at $75

Consultation                                               Complimentary

Style Lesson                                                Starting at $50


Single Process                            Starting at $80

Double Process                          Starting at $160

Color Correction                       with consultation

Partial Foil                                 Starting at $120

Full Foil                                      Starting at $160

Foil w/Color                               Starting at $190

Bleach and Tone                       Starting at $160

Toning                                         Starting at $50

Color Gloss/Glazing                 Starting at $50

Balayage                                      Starting at $140


Brows                                                           Starting at $20

Side Burns                                                   Starting at $20

Lip                                                                Starting at $15

Chin                                                             Starting at $15

Lip & Chin                                                   Starting at $25

Full Face                                                     Starting at $55


Permanent Waves/Texture or Curl                          Starting at $120

Keratin type Smoothing Treatment                          Starting at $250

Conditioning Treatment                                             Starting at $25

Scalp Treatment                                                           Starting at $50

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I prefer a phone call for the first appointment, thereafter a text is sufficient. The form is for less timely inquires.

Call or text (206) 409-4548


Salon Ayano
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